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There are many generators that I started but haven't yet completed or polished up into a releasable form. Here's that list, plus some status info.

Stuart Little: The Journey Home (GBC)

The font had to be manually extracted because it's stored as images, not characters. I've not yet fixed the letter-spacing and the generator will need support for explicit line origins to handle the weird layout of this game's dialogue screens.

Some letters for French & German were added from the European release.

There's also another screen that could be added, the notepad. This one has a different font and similarly it'd be hard to extract, but it'd be nice to do both.

Twitter thread

Susume! Mile Smile / Go Go! Mile Smile (Arcade)

Did some initial screenshotting and started font image extraction. There's a cutscene at the start (I need to find out if there's more: check longplays?) and a tutorial with a dialog box, both would be good.

Go Go! Mile Smile
A great start for any game: Dream pursuing!

Snow Bros. 2: With New Elves (Arcade)

Generator mostly finished: I need to hook in the overlays of the different characters, and to get the text positioned correctly I need explicit line origins.

Scary Ice Clown Baby Will Turn You Into A Snow Ball And There Is Nothing You Can Do To Stop It.

Gabriel Knight 1 (DOS)

Mostly finished. I need to complete hooking up the overlays and the per-character colors. @NoxicoDev has provided the info for that.

Twitter thread

You remind me of the babe!

Jill of the Jungle (DOS)

Extracted font, need to overlay it on the background. Also should probably extract the portrait from Onesimus as well. Maybe the EGA/CGA versions in addition to VGA?

Jill looks pensive as vague puns fly

King of Casino/Poker 3 (NES)

Font extracted, need to hook up the multiple screens and portraits.

Twitter thread

The town is named Casino, apparently

Eagle Eye Mysteries (DOS)

Font and portraits extracted. I need to figure out how to hook up the various dialog box styles, and extract the portraits from the sequel.

Willy's afraid to skate? Doesn't he know that you have to SKATE OR DIE?

The Dagger of Amon Ra (DOS)

Portraits extracted, font extracted, mostly implemented but layout on this one is a nightmare of horrible inconsistency. A lot of work needs to be done to finish up getting the borders into some kind of shape.

It's actually impossible to make this one accurate to the game, as the game is not accurate to itself.

"Oooh, look at me! I'm Captain Important Smart-Guy McGunna-Get-Stabbed"

FastTracker 2 (DOS)

Font extracted, but it needs some special coding to handle the multiple color themes available.

As a misophonic retrocomputerist, YES, actually.

Shaq-Fu (SNES)

Font extracted and images collected. I need to set up overlays and cutscene pictures, plus font colors.

Shaq In Tokyo is an amusing image, the dude is a full foot and half taller than the average Japanese person. SHAQZILLA?

Shovel Knight (Windows)

Extracted font and portraits, but it'll need special coding as this game has basically unlimited font coloring. I don't have dynamic tinting in the generator yet.

Always thank your witch, or your car may be toad.

Art of Fighting (SNES)

Collected a bunch of screenshots for story mode, but no font yet.

Can I just ask for her with my words, instead?

Battle Kid (NES)

Collected screenshots of cutscenes and extracted the font. Just need to code up overlays.

There's two revisions of this game, and one difference is the cutscenes. I may need to track down the other version and support both.That may be harder: I got ending cutscenes from a TAS, but if the other version desyncs (which it almost certainly will) I'd instead have to play it all the way through, which is.. . slightly hard.

I know "kid" is in the title but are you supposed to be like 7 years old?

FTL: Faster Than Light (Windows)

Extracted font, extracted backgrounds, then was driven mad by the fact that the background is actually like 4% transparent so getting a clean version of it is basically impossible.

I haven't had the courage to go back into hacking on it again

"TIP: DEATH" is why this game is perfect for the generator

Fallout 1 (DOS)

Extracted font, partial backgrounds (need the rest of the heads), but it turns out there's some overlaying on the screen that's both complex and paletted and not easy to emulate.

I may have to rig up some special code to calculate them and then pre-bake them into the portraits.

Twitter thread

Hey, could you MacGyver me a way out of this mess, please?

Eliminator Boat Duel (NES)

Extracted font and all the portraits, just need to hook them up.

Ahh, Seasick Sidney. The Glass Joe of the sea.

Batman (NES)

Took a bunch of screenshots, but TCRF says the prototype has even more cutscenes (and also that I missed one). Some screens are tricky because they are actually partially transparent using a 60hz flicker trick.

I may fake that by precomposing backgrounds.