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There are many generators that I started but haven't yet completed or polished up into a releasable form. Here's that list, plus some status info.

Stuart Little: The Journey Home (GBC)

The font had to be manually extracted because it's stored as images, not characters. I've not yet fixed the letter-spacing and the generator will need support for explicit line origins to handle the weird layout of this game's dialogue screens.

Some letters for French & German were added from the European release.

There's also another screen that could be added, the notepad. This one has a different font and similarly it'd be hard to extract, but it'd be nice to do both.

Twitter thread

Susume! Mile Smile / Go Go! Mile Smile (Arcade)

Did some initial screenshotting and started font image extraction. There's a cutscene at the start (I need to find out if there's more: check longplays?) and a tutorial with a dialog box, both would be good.

Go Go! Mile Smile
Go Go! Mile Smile

Snow Bros. 2: With New Elves

Generator mostly finished: I need to hook in the overlays of the different characters, and to get the text positioned correctly I need explicit line origins.

Snow Bros 2

Gabriel Knight 1

Mostly finished. I need to complete hooking up the overlays and the per-character colors. @NoxicoDev has provided the info for that.

Twitter thread

Gabriel Knight