USB FDD@1306 USB floppy adapter

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Front of board

This is an adapter for using full-size 3.5" floppy drives as USB floppy drives. It uses an unknown 24-pin TSOP/TSSOP? microcontroller. The chip has "6520" on the underside. The oscillator on the board is 12 mhz.

Desoldered board
Rear of board
Underside of chip

Chip pinout

LED? 2 23 VCC +5v
R3 3 22 N/C
Drive Select 4 21 N/C
Motor On 5 20 Wgate
C3? 6 19 Write Protect
USB Data+ 7 18 Track 0
USB Data- 8 17 DiskChange
RDATA 9 16 Index
WDATE 10 15 HeadSelect
VSS 11 14 STEP
OSC1 12 13 OSC2

Note: It seems to use the sorta-compatible Shugart interface, as it uses pin 6 which is N/C in the IBM format.

for "Drive Select" it's hooked up to DS1/DS2/DS3/DS4.


I have an identical (presumably: I need to open my case up and double-check) unit installed in my main PC.

It identifies itself to windows as "TEAC USB UF000x USB Device", VID=0644 PID=0000.

The drive doesn't support DD (720k) disks or 1.68mb DMF disks.