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Hello! I'm Foone Turing, a Python programmer living in Milpitas, CA.

My resume in a more traditional form

I'm primarily focused on back-end/tooling stuff rather then web development, with a lot of continuous integration/testing/SRE focus in the last few years.


  • Administered sites on a variety of home servers, shared hosting, and VPSes.
  • Managed medium-scale data storage systems in both personal and work spheres in the realms of terabytes of storage/access/conversion/migration.
  • Created and maintained several large dynamic websites with millions of monthly hits.
  • Self-taught programmer with skill in multiple programming languages such as C/C++/Java/Ruby/JS/Lua, with Python as my primary development language.
  • Independently developed and released dozens of applications and games for Windows & Linux.

Work Experience

Continuous Integration – Pure Storage (2014-2018)

Pure Storage builds enterprise all-flash storage system. I worked on developing and maintaining continuous integration test architecture.

  • Created a new management system for windows testing, to homogenize and monitor dozens of build machines that can’t be handled using standard Linux build tools.
  • Rearchitectured a legacy part of our build system to avoid difficulty with supporting unique environments like archaic Unix derivatives.
  • Migrating build machines onto an open virtualization platform

Embedded development – Konami Gaming (2014)

Konami Gaming produces slot machines and casino management systems.

My roles at Konami Gaming were development and testing of communication middleware.

  • Modernized SOAP communication systems to simplify deployment in embedded environments.
  • Built new testing tools to better perform load-testing.

Web development – Soomo Publishing Inc. (2012-2013)

Soomo develops “web-texts” which are online textbooks for distance-learning universities.

My roles at Soomo included web development, plug-in development, and data processing.

  • Developed a new Blackboard Learning System plug-in to integrate with Soomo.
  • Built processes to generate iBook resources from our web content.
  • Helped modernize our primary web-text with dynamically generated graphs.

Computer Programming – Contracting with STG Inc. for NCDC (2008-2012)

STG is a US government contractor for IT, Software development, and general mission-support roles.

I worked there full-time supporting National Climatic Data Center operations. My roles at NCDC were website maintenance and data modernization.

  • Moved our publication/form serving site to a webservice backend.
  • Migrated several historical databases out of MS Access into standardized web apps.
  • Rescued 15 TB of data from one of our subcontractors we had legal issues with.
  • Developed a maintainable replacement for the subcontractor's Sharepoint-based site.

Computer Programming – Unique Logic (2005-2006)

Unique Logic develops attention-training games and hardware for children with Attention Deficit Disorder. I worked part-time as a bug-fixer and general site developer.

  • Fixed issues with their serialization subsystem which were causing data loss at unpredictable times.
  • Discovered several security issues and advised them on mitigating their impact.
  • Developed a PHP-based site for user feedback.


  • University of North Carolina at Asheville - Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  • Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College – Studied Electrical Engineering
  • Blue Ridge Community College – Studied networking & PC repair.

Computer Skills

I’ve used a wide variety of technologies for personal and work projects, and I’m always looking to learn a new framework if it lets me do something easier or better.

I do a lot of server-side development but I’m increasingly doing more work on the client side.

I’ve used many of the “mainstream” web stack technologies (Apache/PHP/MySQL, Tomcat/Spring/Oracle, Ruby on Rails) and some less common ones (Django/Pylons/Flask, gunicorn/gevent-http, redis/MongoDB/SQLite).

I do most of my development in a mix of Eclipse, vim & sublime text, and I’m competent with git, bazaar, and subversion for code management.

I run Debian derivatives (Ubuntu or Xubuntu) on my personal machines/servers, and I’ve worked extensively on RHEL/CentOS and Slackware systems.

Outside of Linux, I’m well acquainted with using/administering/developing for Windows, OS X, and MS-DOS systems.

I’ve worked with various virtualization systems running both Linux and Windows VMs, from full virtualization (VMWare, VirtualBox, Openstack) to container-based (Docker).


If you're interested in hiring me, contact me on twitter (@foone) or send an email to the address to the right.

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