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BRender is the Blazing Render engine created by Argonaut Software.

BRender Development

TODO: Link to the OS/2 SDK and more docs

BRender research

I've been trying to contact people who worked on BRender, to see if they can provide an SDK. Current progress:

Games using the BRender Engine

Name Year Developer Publisher Platforms
3D Movie Maker 1995 Microsoft Microsoft Windows
Alien Odyssey 1995 Argonaut Philips Interactive DOS
Arena AD (cancelled) N/A Stainless Software ? Windows
Bondurant High Performance Racing (Unreleased/in-house?) N/A Fathom Pictures ? ?
Bundesliga Manager 97 / Total Football Management 1996 Software 2000 Software 2000 DOS
Bundesliga Manager 98 1998 Software 2000 Eidos Windows
Carmageddon 1997 Stainless Software Interplay, SCi Games DOS, Windows, Macintosh
Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now 1998 Stainless Software SCi Games Windows, Macintosh
Croc 1: Legend of the Gobbos 1997 Argonaut Fox Interactive Windows
Croc 2 1999 Argonaut Fox Interactive Windows
Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors 1997 Studio Fish BBC Multimedia Windows
F1 Manager 1996 Software 2000 Software 2000 DOS
F1 Manager Professional 1997 Software 2000 Software 2000 DOS
Freelancer 2120 (cancelled) N/A Imagitec ? DOS
FX Fighter 1995 Argonaut GTE Entertainment DOS
FX Fighter Turbo 1996 Argonaut GTE Entertainment Windows
Hasbro Xscape/Rush/Toaster (cancelled) N/A Hasbro ? ?
Hotwheels project (cancelled) N/A Stainless Software ? ?
Independence War 1998 Particle Systems Infogrames Windows
I-War: Defiance 1999 Particle Systems Infogrames Windows
Kanaan (cancelled) N/A Argonaut Ubisoft Windows
Motor Mash 1998 Eutechnyx Limited Ocean Software DOS, Windows
Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker 1996 Microsoft Microsoft Windows
Pete Sampras Tennis '97 1996 Codemasters Codemasters DOS, Windows
Play with the Teletubbies 1998 Asylum Entertainment Knowledge Adventure Windows
Privateer 2: The Darkening 1996 EA Manchester Electronic Arts DOS, Windows
Queen: The eYe 1998 Destination Design Electronic Arts DOS
Search and Rescue (SAR) 1997 Interactivision Intense Entertainment Interactive Windows
Sensible Soccer '98 1997 Sensible Software GT Interactive Windows
Sensible Soccer '98: European Club Edition 1998 Sensible Software GT Interactive Windows

BRender Versions

See BRender versions used by games